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Modern IRC client.

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Modern, beautiful IRC client written in GTK+ 3.

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  • Fully open source
  • RFC {1459,2812} compatible
  • Act like modern IM clients
    • Convenient connection panel
    • Interactive channel search
    • Message forward
    • Preview image from URL
    • Upload images directly
  • Act like traditional IRC clients
    • Anything can be done via commands
    • Configurable and extensible
      • Fine-grained Configuration
      • Python plugins

Need Help?

Feel free to contact us if you have any question about Srain.

  • IRC Channel: #srain @ freenode
  • Github: file an issue Here


GNU General Public License Version 3

The recently 2 releases:

0.06.4 01 Mar 2018

Original changelog

  • Changed:
    • Change default application ID to im.srain.Srain
  • Added:
    • CTCP support, including request & response CLIENTINFO, FINGER, PING, SOURCE, TIME, VERSION, USERINFO messages. DCC message is not yet supported. Use command /ctcp for sending a CTCP request
    • Login method support, you can specify it by configuration file option server.login_method:
      • sasl_plain: SASL PLAIN authentication support, will use server.user.username as identity, and use server.user.passwd as password
    • Added documentation Support Tables used to show Srain’s features, inspried by IRCv3 Client Support
    • Added a semantic version parser, not yet used
    • Added appdata file which requier by application store, thanks to @cpba
    • openSUSE package is available, please refer to openSUSE for details, thanks to @alois
    • Flatpak package is available, please refer to Flatpak for details, thanks to @cpba
  • Improved:
    • Fixed a logical error in IRC message parser: all parameters are equal whether matched by <middle> or <trailing>, thanks to @DanielOaks
    • Improved connection state control, you can smoothly disconnect/quit from server even it is unresponsive
    • Fixed truncated message output by /server list subcommand
    • Fixed crash at g_type_check_instance() under GLib 2.54.3+
    • Fixed: Do not free a SrianServerBuffer which has non-empty buffer
    • Ensure the QUIT message can be sent before application shutdown
    • Removed entry from desktop file, thanks to @TingPing
    • Fixed grammer of join message, thanks to @raindev
    • Re-enable CI for Srain: ci-status

0.06.3 22 Dec 2017

Original changelog

  • Changed:

    • Configurable file option tls_not_verify in irc block in server block is renamed to tls_noverify, old option name is still supported
    • Command option tls-not-verify for /server and /connect is renamed to tls-noverify, old option name is still supported
  • Added:

    • Connect popover supports connect to predefined server
    • Join popover supports channel search
  • Improved:

    • Modified margin and padding of some widgets
    • Improved the style of unread message counter
    • Fixed markup parse error of decorator
    • Fixed crashing while connecting from connect popover
    • Fixed use after free while removing user
    • Improved the performance and extensibility of user list
    • Improved compatibility with older versions of GTK(> 3.16)
    • Refactor the code of chat panel, helpful for the next development